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Welcome to iloveneneshiela website
"All about the girl i truly love"
For My Love Nene Shiela ...

Who's odhie?

I like simple life, my goal is to live life to the fullest and I believe that to truly love is the life's true meaning.


Nene gave me this nick name, she said it sounds better than the nick i use which is godie. It would always remind me of her, its my special nick of some sort coz she's the only one that calls me by that name.

Im and BSCS and now i work mostly freelance web design and custom soft development for all types of businesses. I like to work with ISP's coz they give me a lot of free internet access while im on the job and it pays better than regular office jobs. It also enables me to work at more than one job at the same time. Most important is that i have lots to time to spend with nene...

I love texting her. we're not text addicts, we're just addicted on texting each other... only to each other. I also love giving her gifts, i just send it by door to door delivery service. I usually window shop every weekend hunting for a possible gift item and when i find one i could always find someone who needs my skills. Sometimes the jobs i take pays more than what i need, so i save them so i could plan a vacation with her.

A party held at my boarding house.

The first vacation i made was the most memorable since it was the first time we meet. As if time would stand still as i saw her for the first time. Shes was wearing a white blouse and jeans, her lips so kissable and i could just melt away everytime she looks at me.

Im just a simple person, simple hopes and dreams.. with nene i have hopes greater than faith and dreams that becomes reality. She inspires me to be more than just simple.. with her i feel special coz she's special to me. All i want now is to see her dreams come true and be a part of it coz my dream already came true the day found nene.

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About this picture
This is the first picture she gave me, it was taken March 26, 2000 on her graduation.

My most treasured possession