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Welcome to iloveneneshiela website
"All about the girl i truly love"
For My Love Nene Shiela ...

Nene Arts!

This is my favorite hobby since im a graphics artist. : )

Sadly I lost my first Nene Art after a harddisk crash...

---o0o--- Nene On Rose -

This is my favorite. I use it in most my animation effects and i use it as my wallpaper too. : )

Digital composition with a rose image and picture; finished with glow and drop shadow effects. Slicing was used on the rose to embed the picture and background was digitaly erased.
300 x 317 Jpeg Format @ 31Kb


>> <<

About this picture
This is the first picture she gave me, it was taken March 26, 2000 on her graduation.

My most treasured possession


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