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Welcome to iloveneneshiela website
"All about the girl i truly love"
For My Love Nene Shiela ...

Who's nene?

Nene Shiela (N-E-N-E)

Nene, she's a BSA graduate and now works at an accounting firm. She lives at BNS Fort Bonaficio Makati Philippines, very far from where i live... actually its across the sea. She values and loves her family so much; her dreams are always for her family... she especially loves her mom so much. Inday, nene's sister, is also my friend - she's the one that actually manage to call my number and introduced me to nene.

Nene is always so nice, i can always find anything about so nice. A gentle and caring heart to anyone, which also deserves care and love coz it gets hurt easily. She not a fighter, but you would always want to defend her anyway. i always find myself trying to protect her from being hurt which is sometimes hard but that's why i love her and I find myself always wanting to takecare of her. Which means she gets a lot of caring reminders from me sometimes especially if i miss her so much. But she always manage to takecare of herself most of the time, i just make sure i'll be there when ever she would need me. She's also very affectionate, she would always find a way to be sweet to me even if we are miles apart but she could get jealous easily too. She also love to tease me a lot which i really love only when she does it, but im careful in teasing her coz she gets "tampo" alot. She loves sharing her life, and i always appreciate hearing her... which most of the time become topics of our texts for days since i might have a different view about it. She can be very funny and we really enjoy our non-sense conversation, which are far out most of the time.
"Makulit talaga sya".. : )

Nene and family with sherwin, inday, nene, mabel.

I really dont know much about nene and everyday i learn more about her and at the same time also learn and understand more about myself. I find out that everyday, i love her more...

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About this picture
This is the first picture she gave me, it was taken March 26, 2000 on her graduation.

My most treasured possession