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Welcome to iloveneneshiela website
"All about the girl i truly love"
For My Love Nene Shiela ...

Terms of use?

This site is private and i will accept no offer what so ever regarding this site as for any commercial purposes, partial or full.

That I will not recognize any links from any other site aside from the web hosting service provider of this site.

All designs and arts are considered my private property and should never be downloaded or used without my consent with pursuant of the Intellectual Property Rights.

That I hereby grant only Shiela T. Pinero exclusive rights to all materials published in this site for any purpose including reproduction to any media.

You are agreeing that all information contained here will not be used in any way, including legal pursuant against the individual concerned with this site for this is deemed private use only.

We will not answer to any liabilities which is cause by your misuse use of this site.

If you are not agreeing to any of the term above please leave now.

I reserve all rights to pursue legal actions against any or all violators of the above terms.

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About this picture
This is the first picture she gave me, it was taken March 26, 2000 on her graduation.

My most treasured possession